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Episode: Misunderstandings 
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A test broadcast of mine, was mistakenly viewed as a serious broadcast by some, and deliberately misconstrued as such by others, who wished to make some point at my expense - call them the "Tiny minded" people.

As I sat here doing my "Test broadcast", I recited poetry through a tonal range, as I observed twin VU meters, looking especially for when my voice dropped below a certain decibel lower limit. Numbers were taken - tongue twisters were spoken, so that I could see how this related to and impacted on the noise issuing from people's speakers. Having taken my 'measurements'I decided someone may be listening and so finished my test with a few minutes devoted to "serious" broadcasting. Obviously it'sbeen easy for the "tiny minded" people to seperate one half of my broadcast from another, and some have - dear hearts.
Yet another was patronising in her appraisal of me - a person who's opinion I don't value at all, she being one of the mob who sought for nine ten months to have me viewed as a one dimensional character - although this isn't possible, they seem to have convinced themselves otherwise, and ended up believeing their own "comforting fantasies".
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