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Extension of my reply to Lindas show
Linda of "Linda and Mikey" and "The timeless show" made an impromptu show in order to phone my show a couple of days back, and also stick up for her "friend" bad lisa.

She laboured her point too much on my show and then on her own show to her caller. This is to redress the imbalance.
An 90 minute long description of my experiences and impressions of the last five years on the internet concentrating, exclusively, on my impressions of people - especially on Myspace and facebook, though not exclusively, if time permits, and any vouluntary cohost doesn't suggest, something else.
The changes at myspace have caused an exodus of a whole bunch of misfits who're currently infecting other social netwoeking sites, namely Facefook and the fledgling Friendworst.

My latest disasted on the females front is explained, though it has prominence only because I captured the attention of the ...
Thanks and an apology
About myspace and people on there in General. If you have a bone to pick with me, well then here's your chance.
A glowing tribute to some of the finest people on myspace *snigger*
A test broadcast of mine, was mistakenly viewed as a serious broadcast by some, and deliberately misconstrued as such by others, who wished to make some point at my expense - call them the "Tiny minded" people.

As I sat here doing my "Test broadcast", I recited poetry through a tonal range, as I observed ...
It's been a while and so, in anticipation of some BTR shows before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I'm testing the old radio presence. Not for listeners as it'll be gobbledegook as I test a range of things<br /><br /><a href="http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/poetry/">poetry</a><a href="http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rss/tag/poetry.rss"><img ...
Correct reading of my blogs for Americans and other tribes.
An Impromptu broadcast about most everyday subjects. My Co-host mentions politicis - she's American, I'm English, so...
New year greetings and old year bye byes
A Merry That Time Of Year We Celebrate The Birth Of That Jesus Of Nazareth Bloke.
Open discussion programme, this week. Plus the matter of distasteful food colourant.
Callers opinions and suggestions welcome.
A short broadcast of selected Music, the content being open for discussion.
Show dealing with online relationships - successful or otherwise.
Also, discussing body language in a social setting.
Calls on both subjects welcome - or just say hi and hello to friends out there.
A short timetable of future Talk Show Broadcasts, including next Friday Broadcast, 19th October.
The Next Friday show will be about Social Network relationships and body language,
Test - open discussion show.
Test to familiarize self with switchboard and log-in, etc.
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