All Things Avatar

All Things Avatar is the world's first fan-created Na'vi language and Avatar movie discussion podcast! If you fell in love with James Cameron's movie Avatar and the beautiful Na'vi people and way of life, we invite you to join us in our bi-weekly discussion, as we discuss the movie Avatar, Pandora, RDA technology, Na'vi language, philosophy, and culture, and all Avatar-related news!

We showcase new fun Avatar songs, Na'vi bands and quality fan creations, give costuming and make-up tips for conventions and Halloween, and keep you up to date on what is happening (and coming) in the world of Avatar. We are your Kelutrel (hometree) and even help you learn some fun Na'vi words and phrases along the way.

Join us at http://blog.RadioAvatar.com, email us at podcast@radioavatar.com, or come discuss anything Avatar or Na'vi related at LearnNavi.org. You are always welcome.

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Inactive  |  24 - 79 min. |   Nov 25, 2014 at 02:32 AM5 Episode(s)
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