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We are hiding out in our trench coat tonight but it is still the same old gathering of insomniacs and addicts. Couldn't help it. Needed a show. No one under 18 please. Oh yeah, we prank the prank callers.
Come join Sunny and co-hosts to interview Erotica writers and co-host. The lovely and sensual work of Fantasy Fairy will be featured. No Call Ins.
Sunny and a guest co-host will interview Jolie du Pre and she will present her work. Call in and read your work or ask questions.
This is the portion of last Friday night's show completely dedicated to Erotic Author Gwen Masters. Listen and enjoy.
Sunny and Nicole present Erotica authors and ask for call ins to read their work. Gwen Masters will be our guest Erotica writer for the evening and we will start off with a discussion of our loss work due to the error by our moderator on WritersCafe.org
Hear the beautiful story rendering of Ken Smith a well published Gay Erotica Author. Ken's writing is so explicit I have had to make this show adults only. Please do not listen if you are under 18. No Call Ins tonight. This show is pre-recorded.
A requiem for our writing on writerscafe.org
Join Sunny and Erotic Goddess while they read Erotica and take calls from authors and writers of Erotica. Tonight's guest will be author Shanna Germain. She will read her work. Call in.
Join Sunny and Erotica Goddess as they listen to Erotica Author Jolene Hui's passionate and sexy writings.
Erotica Writer Jeremy Edwards will be our guest. Listen and Call in your stories and poems. For Erotica and Mature subject writers and the appreciators.
Erotic Goddess' poems were read and Erotica writing technique was discussed.
The Best of Air Atta Ca Talk returns with Sunny reading the first part of Pastiche her story about a young woman and 4, count them, 4 very good looking men. Rock & Roll Cowboy and Nicole called in plus a fun bit from Da Cave. No call ins tonight. Sunny and Erotica Goddess will be back live next week.
WritersCafe Erotica Writer Sarah Secoy will be our guest. A show for Erotica and Mature Subject writers and those who appreciate Erotica and Mature subject writing.
Erotic writer Kat Williams Co-hosted and demonstrated her love of words for us. Sunny read "Aphrodite" by Erotic Goddess.
Erotic Goddess took a break but Sunny was in full gear and read one of her spicy stories called "Pastiche Part 1". Nicole and Rock and Roll Cowboy called in. (I think the Cowboy just wanted to flirt with Nicole)
The "Spunky Sailor" Author Ken Smith will be on to read us one of his hot, hot, hot short stories, "Pink Triangles"

We will not be taking calls this week. Will be back next week with a new guest and will take your calls.
The Rock & Roll Cowboy will visit with Sunny & Erotic Goddess wrangling his own style of Erotica for us.
Erotic Goddess will crack open the writing interpretations of Sunny's weird and funny Erotica
and mature writings.
Software and sound will be at a level of perfection this week.
Erotica and Mature Subject writings
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