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Episode: Sep. 14, 2008: The Writer's Almanac 
The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor | 2186 Episodes
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Sunday's Poem: "Student" by Ted Kooser from Delights & Shadows. Sunday's Literary Notes: It was on this day in 1812 that Napoleon's army invaded the city of Moscow. Napoleon had hoped to conquer all of Europe, and he had almost succeeded. He had invaded Russia in June of 1812, but the Russian forces kept retreating, leading his army farther and farther into the country. The Russians practiced a scorched-earth policy of retreat, burning all the farmland so that the French army wouldn't have any food to draw on. The troops were exhausted and hungry by the time they reached Moscow on this day, in 1812. As they approached, they found the gates standing open and the streets deserted. Then they noticed that all over the city, small fires had started. The Russians had set fire to their own city. By that night, the fires were out of control...
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