The Splendid Table: Episodes

<div>Andrea Nguyen on tofu, Victoria Henshaw&#039;s smell tours, Renee Shepherd on seeds, David Gelb on Jiro Dreams of Sushi.</div>
<div>Cita Stelzer on Winston Churchill, Dorie Greenspan on beef, Mark Menjivar&#039;s fridge photos, Doron Petersan on vegan baking.</div>
<div>Erin Byers Murray on oysters, Stump the Cook with Padma Lakshmi, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl on wine, Bob La Mar&#039;s salt harvest.</div>
<div>Nigella Lawson on Italy, Nathalie Dupree on Southern biscuits, Joe Warwick on chef eats, Pati Jinich and Arthur Allen on tomatoes.</div>
<div>Andy Ricker&#039;s Key 3, Allegra McEvedy on rare knives, Noelle Carter on mustard, Emma Piper-Burket on Iraqi farming.</div>
<div>Anne Applebaum on Poland, Jekka McVicar on herbs, Seed saving, Cheryl Day on vintage baking, Hazelann Williams on feet.</div>
<div>John Tierney on willpower in dieting, Steve Jones on cheese, Molly Stevens on roasting techniques.</div>
<div>Tom Mueller on olive oil, Anna Thomas on soup, Christian DeBenedetti on craft beer, Mike Curtin on the DC Central Kitchen.</div>
<div>Stefan Gates on bugs, Scarlett Lindeman on Dumpster-diving, Eddie Huang on bao, Scott Peacock on Southern food, Charles Phan on pho.</div>
Nigel Slater on traditions, Ray Isle on wine deals, Ed Behr on The Art of Eating, Andrew Schloss on soda, Bob Antia on port.
David Lebovitz on Paris, Junot Diaz on goats, Eli Sussman on midnight snacking, Sally Schneider on decorating, Steve Jenkins on cheese.
John Moe on apps, Christina Tosi on cereal, Annie Rigg on gifts, Stuart Pigott on Riesling, Sarah Wu on school lunch.
Lizz Winstead's Key 3, Dr. Andrew Weil on nutrition, Dessa on tour food, Liddabit Sweets on holiday candy, James Freeman on coffee.
The Big Board, Markus Bachmann on sonic winemaking, Stephanie Pierson on brisket, Paul Lukacs on Priorat, Gary Brever on CSAs.
This week, chef and journalist, Michael Ruhlman joins us with his new book Ruhlman's Twenty. Jane and Michael Stern are at Steve's Pig and Ox Roast in Lackawanna, N.Y., and Diana Henry, author of Plenty, brings us the latest in vegetable cookery from the British Isles.
It's our annual live call-in show from Thanksgiving morning. Guests include Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Bayless, Ina Garten and Peter Sagal.
It's our annual get-ready–for-the-feast broadcast with writer and comedian Mo Rocca; journalist Alex Witchel, author of All Gone, A Memoir of My Mother's Dementia; With Refreshments; and David Leite, of Leite's Culinaria, takes on the carving knife.
We take a look at the specialty coffee movement with Michaele Weissman, author of God in a Cup. Diana Henry, author of Salt, Sugar, Smoke, joins us with her take on where to go for flavor inspirations. And Andy Crouch, author of Great American Craft Beer, introduces us to session beer.
This week, Seattle chef Tom Douglas joins us for another installment of The Key 3. His latest book is The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook. Award-winning photographer Penny De Los Santos talks about what she really captures when she snaps a food photo. And we talk to Todd Selby about his unusual book, Edible Selby.
British chef Stefan Gates teaches us the art of the interactive meal. Jane and Michael Stern bring us a new Chicago classic, Hot Doug's. And chef Pati Jinich, host of PBS's Pati's Mexican Table, joins us with a Mexican take on pumpkin.
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