The Splendid Table: Episodes

45:00 mins
<div>Andrew Zimmern on fat, Adam Rapoport on duck confit, Anya von Bremzen on Russia, Julia Herz on beer.</div>
<div>Silvena Rowe on Quince, Nathaniel Dominy on saliva, Richard Mabey on weeds, Isaac Mizrahi judges Stump.</div>
<div>Mark Bitterman on salt blocks, Ian Knauer on testing recipes, Joe Yonan on mock meat, Marcie Ferris on women&#039;s history.</div>
<div>Leah Chase on the civil rights movement, Lolis Eric Elie on fine dining, Poppy Tooker on calas, Chris McMillian on the sazerac.</div>
<div>Diane St. Clair on buttermilk, Ben Sargent on lobster rolls, Trevor Corson on sushi, The Perennial Plate on Italy.</div>
<div>Bill Smith&#039;s Key 3, Jesse Griffiths on hunting, Jeremy Quinn on orange wine.</div>
<div>William Sitwell on food history, Wayne Wang on Cecilia Chiang, Vikas Khanna on chutney, Karen Solomon on ketchup.</div>
<div>Jay McInerney on wine, Tracie McMillan on Walmart, Rebecca Rupp on vegetables, Angela Kim on West L.A., Jeff Koehler on Morocco.</div>
<div>Jo Robinson on phytonutrients, Charles Phoenix on entertaining, David Karp on grapes, Fritz Haeg on edible estates.</div>
<div>The best of Julia Child, Kevin West on preserving, Ken Hom on China, David Leite on Nutella, Ted Allen plays Stump the Cook.</div>
<div>Sandor Katz on yogurt, Megan Krigbaum on wine, Katie Parla on Rome, Jonathan Gold on L.A.&#039;s restaurants, Lucinda Hutson on tequila.</div>
<div>Sally Schneider&#039;s Key 3, Randall Grahm on verjuice, David Leite on mayo, Doug Mack on Europe, John Schlimm on vegan grilling.</div>
<div>Thomas Keller on pastries, Roberto SantibaƱez on Mexico, Russ Parsons&#039; summer reading, The Perennial Plate on honey.</div>
<div>Mike Faverman and Pat Mac on camp cooking, Nigel Slater on eggplant, Vic Firth on drumsticks, Mario Batali plays Stump the Cook</div>
<div>Lucinda Scala Quinn&#039;s Key 3, Robb Walsh on Tex-Mex, Jessica Hagy on being interesting, Lara Ferroni on homemade snacks.</div>
<div>Daniel Boulud&#039;s Key 3, David Tanis on seaweed, Alice Medrich on desserts, Frank DeCaro plays Stump the Cook.</div>
<div>Bruce Feiler on family time, Jesse Griffiths on goat, Sean Brock on West African influences, Rohan Marley on farming coffee.</div>
<div>Adam Perry Lang on grilling, Harold McGee on thawing food, Peter Jon Lindberg on Hawaii, John T. Edge on Tostilocos.</div>
<div>Marvin Gapultos on adobo, Lior Lev Sercarz on spices, The Perennial Plate in Spain, Laura Catena on malbec, Sidney Fry on sodium.</div>
<div>Andrea Reusing&#039;s Key 3, Claudia Kolker on monthly rice, Elaine Sciolino on peas, Sandor Katz on kombucha.</div>
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