APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Europe's woes may help U.S. recovery; Public resistance threatens CO2 burying
Workers: Red Cross mismanages blood; Greenville opposes burying CO2
Alcohol marketers high on digital media; Census data helps marketing to gays
BA tries to stop latest cabin crew strike; Tax form deadline surprises nonprofits; Ariz. biz groups split on sales tax hike
GM, Google talk merging Android, OnStar; Congress to probe for real amount of spill at BP oil leak; Seniors take fitness to the playground
Spain makes deep cuts to avoid debt; Obama tours Buffalo for talks with workers; Ford's European style keeps it going
Cameron heads new U.K. coalition government; Senate to unveil climate change bill; Why not woo the masses to mass transit?
BP using problematic chemical to disperse oil; Euro drops after Europe bailout; Warehouse town locals fight to breathe
BP oil leak could hurt seafood demand; U.S. could impose China steel pipe tariff; Global investors cheer E.U. bailout
Greek bailout could hurt Merkel's party; A day in the life of a census-taker
FCC targets Internet for oversight; Why the rental car market is so exciting; Take away the home-owning incentives
Climate bill slowed by Gulf oil leak; Online shopping starting to bank on fun; Ohio program could create 50K jobs
Volunteers train to help at Gulf oil leak; Bank tax in financial reform legislation; D.C. stores charging 5 cents to bag it
Financial reformers go anti-bank; Beijing enforces one home per family
Congress wants names on election ads; Shanghai expo draws world business
Dems compromise in financial overhaul; New airline rule fines $25K for delays; More jobs will require graduate degree
Executives deny Goldman Sachs fraud; Texas will strive to scrub 2011 budget
EPA looks for biggest energy loser; Tourre testifying on Goldman fraud; Derivative reform struggles in Senate
NYC's green dividend saves city billions; U.S. promotes Muslim entrepreneurship
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