APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

BP optimistic it can fix oil well by July 27; How to fill up an hour-long LeBron James special; Companies back electric trucks with stimulus support
NASA contractor to lay off about 1,400 space shuttle workers; Study: Kids lose health insurance when parents lose job; To curb child obesity, regulate junk food like tobacco
Postal Service moves forward on rate hikes, eliminating Saturday service; Regulators want airlines to cut back on bumped passengers; Get your degree in gelato-making
BP admits faulty safety practice, seeks white knight investor; Competition for park ranger jobs climbing; Volvo tries to drive into teen hearts through 'Twilight'
Google to buy travel tech company ITA for $700M; Relaxed licensing rules worry D.C. tour guides; Healthcare.gov already eyeing upgrade
Holiday break could take a toll on financial reform bill; Limited space will make some miss high-risk insurance; Solving the U.S. education crisis
EPA gets tough on Texas for air quality; How the GPS upgrade may affect you
Unions cry foul over benefit cuts; 'Debt will cause another crisis'
Clean-techs get cold feet going public; Price for refined sugar hits sweet spot
Financial reform will exempt loan-making car dealers; CIA unusually public over need for Arabic, Farsi speakers; Stimulus bill failure will end unemployment benefits for over 1M
Fed leaving benchmark funds rate near zero; Senate explores value of for-profit colleges; New Chicago Wal-Marts spark wage debate
Some senators still reluctant on energy bill; Where there's fewer doctors, nurse practictioners can fill in; The problem with rewards programs
UPDATE: Court overturns deepwater drilling moratorium; Rising price of oysters takes toll on po-boy; Ambitious homelessness plan would ease social service budgets
China signals a rise in yuan value against dollar; Cigarettes can no longer be 'light' or 'mild', but can still be color-coded; Mexican shoppers steering clear of Arizona malls
Scientists see oily silver lining in BP leak; Study: Big soda price hike means big sales drop; A visit to a Chicago job fair
Hayward gives more face time to Congress; United Auto Workers reach out beyond Detroit; What will more face time in Congress do for Hayward?; COMMENTARY: Should BP's compensation extend to global business?
Senators push to extend first-time homebuyer tax break; G20 security tries Torontonian patience
Houston sets billion-dollar plan for Astrodome; Oil executives to testify on offshore drilling; E3 2010: Microsoft, Sony get in on motion-control gaming
House, Senate forge ahead to merge versions of financial reform bill; Zero-emissions electric trucks to transport food in NYC; Which country uses up the most coal?
Greece cracks down on tax evaders; Alzheimer's database will help lower research costs; BP could cut dividends to shareholders
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