APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Luxury goods giant buys a piece of watchmaker Bulgari; Public safety, jobs a concern for bankrupt California city; Hackers who hack with white hats
Job growth still won't be big enough for a while; Bank of America cuts interest rates for credit card users; Why buy a solar panel when you can lease it?
U.K., France to airlift stranded refugees from Libya; NFL union may punt to avoid a lockout; Pirate attacks on the rise and expected to get worse
Geithner warns of risks in mortgage finance system; Bing takes second place in Internet search traffic; California lawmaker lobbies for sweetened-beverage tax
U.S. grants deepwater drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico; What's 'essential' in health care; With Egyptian democracy -- uncertainty and hope
Why rising gas prices matter at the pump; Redevelopment agencies may lose state funding
Post-bailout, Ireland goes to the polls; Costs squeeze household goods like Charmin; London to freeze Gaddafi family assets
China hopes to prevent protests by blocking search terms; Google, Kleiner Perkins invest in efficiency; Is health care to blame for state budget issues?
Shipping giant Maersk reports earnings Wednesday; Michigan city hopes for downtown resurgence
Unrest in Libya prompts spike in oil prices; HP expected to post strong quarterly earnings; The cost of a soldier deployed in Afghanistan
Global leaders discuss an economic 'early warning system'; A "Flash Crash" prevention plan; Internet dating is big business
Lawmakers try to save Florida high speed rail project; Civil War anniversary to bring tourism dollars; Newly merged stock exchanges search for a new name
FDA approves wider Lap-Band use for less obese; Senate to query regulators on financial reform; Fraudulent labor recruiters dupe Mexican migrants
Rising food prices not expected to largely affect U.S. consumers; How to avoid online credit card fraud
Ecuador judge fines Chevron $9 billion; Dangers in daily deal overdose; Albert Pujols aiming for most expensive contract in baseball
Political protests break out in Bahrain; Energy innovation on the budget chopping block; Is the billable hour a thing of the past?
House GOP calls for $100 billion spending cut; A history of counterfeiting U.S. money; Nokia calls for help from Microsoft
Washington state wants to tax electric vehicles; German company could buy New York Stock Exchange; Pay attention to these companies' earnings reports
Analyst Whitney skips Congressional hearing on muni bonds; Al Jazeera English to launch U.S. campaign; Commercial real estate rebounds
Jordanians demand political reform; Internet domain names to go on sale; Germans wonder if they should drop the Euro
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