APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Federal panel will decide where to hear BP cases; Home foreclosures up in first half of the year; Oil is up and will continue to go up
Tax breaks and lease options will ease Volt's $41K price tag; Bill to help small businesses could put banks at risk; When consumers stop buying, Kingsport feels it
Critics target loopholes in financial reform; BP's 2Q profit absorbed in $32B oil spill cost; Slow Indian court system serves delayed justice
BP's Hayward likely on the way out; Extension of unemployment benefits will stimulate local communities; Disabled workers still benefit from anti-discrimination law
Senate Democrats switch focus off climate change bill; Twitter to open data center in Utah hoping Fail Whale won't follow; Kindle isn't kind to poetry
Opportunity resurges in Chrysler's loan business; For med students, financial lessons learned outside the lab
Bernanke's options to rev up economy are limited; Tax-free Steinbrenner death reignites Senate push for millionaire estate tax
California auditors find fault in funeral fund funneling; Amazon ebook sales pull ahead of traditional books
BP regroups as well begins seeping oil; Lobbyists prepare for new financial reform landscape; For heart surgery, head for the border?
SEC considers settling lawsuit against Goldman; City budgets stuck between cutting or borrowing; Making a case for immigrants and innovation
Toyota: Some crashes may have been driver's fault; Angelenos torn over funds to fix CA's oldest freeway; Businesses explore ways to create jobs
Having missed the mobile boat, Microsoft name losing luster; Investigation explores whether banks misled Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac; Financial regulation would make brokers protect 'best interest'
Overqualified: An entry-level job beats having none; FDA to decide Avandia's fate on the market; Analysts see some strong earnings on the way
Will oil well partners help pay for spill?; Why the yuan's value matters to U.S.; An ode to Ford's Mercury line
BP optimistic it can fix oil well by July 27; How to fill up an hour-long LeBron James special; Companies back electric trucks with stimulus support
NASA contractor to lay off about 1,400 space shuttle workers; Study: Kids lose health insurance when parents lose job; To curb child obesity, regulate junk food like tobacco
Postal Service moves forward on rate hikes, eliminating Saturday service; Regulators want airlines to cut back on bumped passengers; Get your degree in gelato-making
BP admits faulty safety practice, seeks white knight investor; Competition for park ranger jobs climbing; Volvo tries to drive into teen hearts through 'Twilight'
Google to buy travel tech company ITA for $700M; Relaxed licensing rules worry D.C. tour guides; Healthcare.gov already eyeing upgrade
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