APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

New panel would monitor systemic risk; Wal-Mart not always an urban booster
U.S., Japan approach crisis differently; Community health a function of wealth; EBT now stands for restaurant meals
Toyota keeps public discourse on recall; Keeping global beer biz in the heartland; Plane wifi slowly approaching norm
Digital killed the vinyl-scratch star; Ultrasound that fits in your pocket; Europe to lay down plans for Greece
Republicans outraged over jobs bill; A new movie biz model could mean love; NBA event is no slam dunk for top stars
Washingtonians need shovels now!; Banks losing on falling property values
Congress freezes under piles of snow; NBC to viewers: Speak now or never; Workers protest Greece's austerity plan
Cars suffer from auto commonization; Social buzz isn't what it once was; Cop cars can't cruise well on a budget
Senate shifts focus to jobs creation; Should we trust Social Security?; Finding appeal in the America's Cup
Swiss bank invests heavily in euro; Saving: Good personally, bad nationally
Senate considers chemical reform; Globalist Quiz: Smokers in China
AIG to cut bonus pool, distribute early; Gov't to buckle down on car safety; How Facebook can make more money
Recall will make dent in Toyota sales; Weak staffing hurts order in the courts; 'Lost' will linger on past its end date
Davos bankers make little headway; Tea partiers fear profiteering takeover; Is the Joint Strike Fighter worth it?
Health supporters form new alliances; Fewer comedians at corporate gigs
Free trade criticism hurts Davos model; Do we really need the iPad?; The link between health care and deficit
What they're really doing in Davos; Argentina's central bank in conflict; Toyota puts brakes on certain car sales
Commission would cut deficit spending; Why Oregon is a political test tube; Will reforms survive the new Senate?
Sam's Club severs 10% of workforce; Why Air America really struggled; It's not really 2007 after all
Obama reaching out in Ohio town hall; Global warming's new marketing angle; U.S., China argue over net restrictions
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