APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Lower court judge declares part of Obama's healthcare law unconstitutional; Mass transit tax break could provide numerous benefits; Sensors to replace airport runway marshalers
Historic grocery A&P; filed for bankruptcy; Will Obama's relationship with the business community change?; Should kids register for gifts?
European banks expect more regulations on banker bonuses; Exelon's Oyster Creek plant shut down in 2019.; BRIC countries and the Nobel Prize
U.S. government is one step closer to being free of AIG; Smokeless tobacco sales on the rise; Paying a bigger price for cheaper prescription drugs
How Build America bonds will affect local community projects; The Supreme Court will hear arguments in an immigration case
Obama and Republicans come to an agreement on taxes; In Cancun, an American company runs on biofuel; What's in an area code?
Bernanke returns to "60 Minutes"; New York City could be the new tech mecca, thanks to Google; The new trend in corporate philanthropy: giving books
Special interest groups slam proposals to cut the deficit; Congress agrees to control television commercial volume; A small Australian island to test personal cap and trade program
The price of foreclosed homes falls; The repercussions of the Product Safety Improvement Act; Report could indicate 9.5 percent of Americans are out of work
Economies worsen in Europe; The Fed to announce banks that received loans during financial crisis; Are deal websites just a passing fad?
TARP pricetag updated to $25 billion; Lack of unemployment funding could hurt local businesses; Small businesses see benefits in going green
Cyber Monday follows a successful Black Friday; Carriers fight to meet bandwidth demands; To rake or not to rake
Saturday Christmases are bad for retailers; New York City prepares for a taxi over-haul; Macrowikinomics: How collaboration is changing the world
Jury fines SAP $1.3 billion for millions of illegally downloaded Oracle files; Farm equipment benefiting from high crops sales; Why are out-of-network ATM fees so high?
Ireland agrees to a bailout; Are salad bars the best option for schools?; Detroit deals with a growth in illegal gas and electrical hookups
Will the deficit cutting proposals work?; Europe is "dumbfounded" by Fed's investment decisions; Are there other options for airport security?
GM shares will trade for the first time since they went bankrupt; Private-to-public IPOs threaten venture capitalism; Baby boomers luck out in deficit-cutting plans
The Senate looks at a bill to update the Equal Pay Act of 196; FourLoko makers plan to remove caffeine; Britain to introduce 'happiness index'
Chrysler's revving its engine with remodels; Bethany McLean: a history of the financial crisis; Could iTunes and The Beatles "Come Together?"
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