APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Senior bank executive warns against tougher regulation; Chamber of Commerce hosts trade undersecretary; Cities are handling deficits with innovation
Obama hopes overhauling corporate taxes will keep the U.S. globally competitive; Nielsen goes public; The World Economic Forum opens in Davos
Merkley calls on President Obama to refocus on foreclosures in the State of the Union; Government to sell Citigroup warrants; Fed holds its first policy meeting of 2011
Delaware court hears cases on sub-prime mortgage documents; Why U.S. corporations love Delaware; Automakers will be asked to curb distracted driving
Larry Page named new Google CEO; 'Poison pill' tactic used to fend off hostile takeover; Placing an economic value on a species
Walmart expected to unveil new plans to sell healthier food; Target hires counselors to help employees; Automakers gear up for better fuel efficiency
China tries to polish image in U.S. with TV ads; Europeans question Chinese motives after bond sales; Prioritizing to pay down debts
Obama outlines review regulations for agencies; Health care providers prepare for the reform debates; British fathers to get extended paternity leave
AIG prepares to sell 'damaged goods'; The sun sets on Evergreen Solar; The new trend in urban farming: goats
Geithner meets with corporate executives to discuss streamlining the tax system; Putting tax refunds on prepaid cards could benefit government; In Riviera Maya, tourism may be hurting the attraction
Continued troubles for housing market; Demand of agricultural commodities rises, report predicts small harvests; The companies to watch closely in 2011
Illinois passes a 66 percent income tax increase; Could there be a double-dip in housing?; Hardback books are still thriving
Why income inequality isn't always a bad thing; Goldman Sachs expected to announce accounting changes; Can job creation save the oil industry's reputation?
Verizon expected to announce iPhone coverage; U.S. to open the first overseas Consumer Product Safety office; Stubhub snubs BCS ticket buyers
Obama Administration reaches out to Wall Street; Retailers show 'cautious optimism' at CES; Detroit Auto Show to remain practical
Commission blames Deepwater Horizon spill on 'systemic problems'; The recession's impact on health care spending; Recession gives rise to Generation R
Oil companies lobby the GOP for offshore drilling; China's growing auto industry could affect U.S. gas prices; Get ready to find your own low airline fare
NASCAR's popularity is stalling; Motorola splits in two; Obama's health care law faces a Republican House
Goldman Sachs "friends" Facebook; New Fed members could end quantitative easing; December unemployment rates to be released on Friday
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