APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Verizon expected to announce iPhone coverage; U.S. to open the first overseas Consumer Product Safety office; Stubhub snubs BCS ticket buyers
Obama Administration reaches out to Wall Street; Retailers show 'cautious optimism' at CES; Detroit Auto Show to remain practical
Commission blames Deepwater Horizon spill on 'systemic problems'; The recession's impact on health care spending; Recession gives rise to Generation R
Oil companies lobby the GOP for offshore drilling; China's growing auto industry could affect U.S. gas prices; Get ready to find your own low airline fare
NASCAR's popularity is stalling; Motorola splits in two; Obama's health care law faces a Republican House
Goldman Sachs "friends" Facebook; New Fed members could end quantitative easing; December unemployment rates to be released on Friday
In the third quarter, foreclosures were up, and loan modifications were down; Which government programs should get funded?; Chris Farrell: Looking forward to 2011
With down economy, demand for truckers goes up; Jobless report to include those unemployed more than two years; Groupon turns to private investors to raise almost $1 billion
Obama administration gives incentives for states who simplify medicaid enrollment for children; Calculating the value of college football coaches
Northeast corridor hit by massive blizzard; Oil prices could grow over $100 a barrel; Marketplace's guide to holiday recycling
Stock prices end the year at the highest level since 2008; Some pharma companies still practicing off-label marketing
China sees the Eurozone as a major investment market; High oil prices could deter improving economy; Nintendo's Wii is already outdated
Why is consumer spending up this season?; Failing local municipalities could lead to another financial crisis
Online ad spending surpasses print ad spending; First figures from the census speak to population and representation; Venture capitalists expected to back more startups in 2011
What happens if the tension between North and South Korea gets worse?; KushCon attracts crowds in Denver; Dover-native hopes to buy historic port
Mark Yudof, President of the University of California, on the importance of public education; Apple's new app store: coming to a screen near you
Investors say Twitter is worth $3.7 billion; Some pharmacies may have conflict of interest with Medicare; Lightening Round: All things inflation; Facebook launches facial recognition software
U.S. may be facing a credit downgrade; Was "Green the Capitol" a waste of money?; Economy 4.0: Where is "middle America"?
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