APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Drought takes economic toll on Texas; The toil index is rising
Welcoming more immigrants could help boost the U.S. economy; Rental company spies on Wyoming couple through webcam
Has a silver bubble gone bust?; Congress looks at Sony's data security; Roundabouts cause rifts between cities and drivers
Swipe fee fight bristling with lobbyists; Japanese tourism lags; Army engineers blast Missouri levee to save town
Markets react to news of bin Laden's death; Chicago suburb moves to ban grocery bags
Was Kate the most 'political' choice?; Labor unions begin to embrace immigrant support; Buffett may get heat from once-adoring investors
Gold hits record-high, dollar falls following Bernanke address; Storms ravage the South, killing at least 150; Should movie tickets be priced based on demand?
Workplaces are safer, but major risks remain; Bernie Madoff speaks
Arab refugees roil Europe; State pension systems in an even bigger hole; The Trump brand: For better or for worse
Bernanke embraces glasnost; St. Louis airport to be fully operational by midweek; Coffee prices on their way up
Jury rules against Mattel in Bratz doll case; Texas wheat farmers suffer through another drought; The return of oyster po' boy
Marketplace Morning Report - First Edition for April 21, 2011
Marketplace Morning Report - First Edition for April 20, 2011
Expired patents mean big losses for Big Pharma; In Japan, auto parts boss keeps up production
Southeast U.S. copes after deadly tornadoes; Health warning issued on popular hair treatment; States seek rights to sue polluters
Want a job? As an air traffic controller?; Economic pressures may shape Libya's future; Illinois-based Amazon affiliates go dark
Can fake chicken feed the world?; Zipcar gears up for an IPO; Levin says Goldman Sachs misled Congress
JPMorgan Chase kicks off bank earnings; Fuel efficiency could be reason behind decreased gas sales; Obama to lay out deficit reduction strategy
The future of water; Free trade agreements on the table; Fukushima disaster on par with Chernobyl
Marketplace Morning Report - First Edition for April 11, 2011
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