APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

After delayed debt vote, economists say we're in debt 'Twilight Zone'; Congress' debt delay may be counterproductive, but it's not procrastination; Oil companies maintain high profits
Murdoch media empire back in the spotlight; How investors can profit off a default; Jefferson County close to bankruptcy
Big tech companies go after patents; Arizona's Medicaid cuts leave some patients with few other choices; How are Americans preparing for a possible default?
In the debt ceiling debate, Obama warns of worst case scenario; Debt talk: Still no deal; Arizona takes a stand on Medicaid
Wall Street waits to see what happens with debt talks; U.S. bondholders in China still waiting for a deal; AT&T; presses its case for merger
Building a better 'Made in China' reputation; The fat fall fashion magazine returns
DC walking tour: The CFPB friends and foes; Debate renews on for-profit colleges
'Flashmobs' in Spain to protest foreclosures; How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will help
Where are women in the debt talks?; Obama's fuel efficiency standards may be too high; Chinese government opens strategic pork reserve
Blood supply is running low; Airlines try to market fees as perks
Orange juice prices near two-year high; Harry Potter brand continues to conjure up money
Government spending cuts will affect everyone; Consumers are willing to pay more to protect their privacy online
Boeing Dreamliner stalled on the assembly line, again; Housing market could take a generation to recover
Italy: 'Too big to fail'; Girl Scout camps up for sale
The unaccounted risk of fossil fuel investments; The economic impact of Syrian refugee camps in Turkey
The last shuttle for innovation; Tabloid scandal could impact future News Corp. deals
For some companies, the suburban landscape is losing its shine; HLN's next step, post-trial
Moody's downgrades Portugal debt to junk; Oil spill worse than expected because of river conditions; Consumers turn to coupons in tough times
Carmageddon in L.A.!; Solar power tax breaks set to expire; Carmakers, White House haggle over tailpipe emission standards
Marketplace Morning Report for July 4, 2011
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