APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

End to conflict in Libya could mean lower gas prices; Turkey moves forward with nuclear energy plans
The U.S. downgrade, two weeks in; Bad credit could hurt your job search; Houston wants to turn off red light cameras
Fed investigates health of European banks; Will companies pass on price hikes to consumers?; NASA to report on impact of sun flares
United States of ... Europe; How long can Walmart remain the low-price leader?; Average Americans hang tight through market swings
Will slow growth in Germany weigh down the Eurozone?; Mixed outlook for nation's farmers
Could Japan lead global economy out of turmoil?; Markets on track for a calmer week?; Obama to talk jobs on town hall tour
Temporary short-sale ban in four European nations; Can retail weather the latest economic swings?
Investors say 'c'est la vie' to the latest banking crisis; Analysis: It's about revenues, not debt; Companies asked to disclose fracking chemicals
Fed announcement implies economic slow growth until 2013; Dr. Phil says Americans need to 'get real' about the economy; Lower oil prices mean cheaper gas
European markets expected to bleed today; Deja vu all over again for the economy?; New fuel rules for trucks
Eurozone woes weigh on markets; How the downgrade affects the national mindset; New regulations cause trucker shortage
Market drop based on fear; Supporters say free trade deals can create jobs; Oklahoma drought brings record number of cattle to auction
Japan's moves on Yen could help the global economy; The Gap takes marketing on the road; 'Brand resilience' in the social media age
President Obama signed the debt deal -- but that can't fix the economy; Pending a takeover, Clorox's multiple brands come into question; Air quality advisories becoming standard practice in cities
Senators meet on mortgage servicers; D.C. Metro's escalators cause transit nightmare; Health care on the chopping block in an age of austerity
The growing influence of low-cost "curbside" bus service; Congressional debt deal relies on 'triggers' for future cuts
After delayed debt vote, economists say we're in debt 'Twilight Zone'; Congress' debt delay may be counterproductive, but it's not procrastination; Oil companies maintain high profits
Murdoch media empire back in the spotlight; How investors can profit off a default; Jefferson County close to bankruptcy
Big tech companies go after patents; Arizona's Medicaid cuts leave some patients with few other choices; How are Americans preparing for a possible default?
In the debt ceiling debate, Obama warns of worst case scenario; Debt talk: Still no deal; Arizona takes a stand on Medicaid
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