APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Greece replaces finance minister; Doctors' association to vote on support for health care reform; How the movie business has changed, for better and worse
The future of retirement: Save more, work longer; Cable companies fear more than the Internet
Pfizer tries to extend its Viagra patent; French minister pressures Air France to buy Airbus planes
Chinese inflation hits a three-year high; Federal agency sues Boeing on behalf of unionized workers; Department of Defense to roll out energy plans
Vice President Biden wrestling budget deal; Vaccine conference seeks funds
Brands cater to gay community; Japan struggles with clean-up
China says a U.S. default is 'playing with fire'; Commerce Department pushes small businesses to increase exports; 'The spy who loved VC'
Considering the actual benefits of college; World wide warm-up for new Internet backbone
OPEC meets Wednesday under pressure to raise quotas; Wall Street hosts fundraiser for Barney Frank
Douglas Holtz-Eakin on spending cuts and the debt ceiling; Horse virus threatens cutting season; McDonald's apologizes for the quality of its coffee
GOP argues spending cuts help private sector; Will Groupon survive the hype?; St. Louis football fans concerned over stadium, not lockout
Are we on the verge of a 'double dip?'; Dealing with debt: Defaulting, restructuring, reprofiling; Food pyramid out -- plates in
Jared Bernstein on the debt ceiling and economic recovery; U.S. and Russia to supply Afghans with helicopters; Twitter buys AdGrok to boost ad sales
Fed to wind down its bond buying; Supply chain disruptions affect car industries more than tech sector
Financial woes don't stop annual Cheese Rolling festival; Virginia offers tax break for hurricane preparedness; European leaders meet on next steps for Greece bailout
Japanese consumers paying more for stuff, and that's a good thing?; High gas prices will not affect holiday travel; Panasonic reaps benefits of mass transit tax credit
Is the G8 group of industrialized nations still relevant?; New York state nears deal to cap property tax; Extreme weather could prove costly for taxpayers
Treat your 401(k) like a nest egg, not a piggy bank; Every counterfeit has its thorn
Delinquent government contractors; The Globalist Quiz: Global gas prices
A tough economy weighs on campaign finances; Chicagoans wonder if tax money is being flushed down the toilet
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