APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Steve Jobs remembered in China; European unease continues over Greek bailout
Has the smartphone killed the point-and-shoot camera?; How safe is Britain from the euro crisis?
Rumors fly about today's Apple product announcement; Campaign finance, lobbying major roadblocks to effective government
Medicaid issue reaches Supreme Court; Occupy Wall Street protestors gain broader support; Pistachio growers face vote to expand industry oversight
Bernanke: We can learn from emerging economies; Emirates airlines expands its U.S. travel routes; H&M; teams up with Versace
OnStar backs down on decision to track former customers; E-tracking is the new reality; Mid-priced retail to suffer in hourglass economy
Eurozone bailout may be within reach, but Germans still outraged; After GM, UAW begins talks with Ford; New York subway to launch wireless coverage
First Dreamliner delivery at hand; European debt crisis weighs heavily on markets; Activists protest against Wall Street in New York City
Solar industry will survive Solyndra controversy; Why non-communicable diseases overseas can affect the U.S.; Barcelona tussles over bullfighting ban
The Fed does the 'Twist' and no one decides to dance; The psychology behind market panics; Health care workers keep strike short, for now
Google under government pressure; Disaster money may force government shutdown; O'Hare unveils airport aeroponics
What's happened to the middle class?; Prices rises squeeze food producers, retailers; General Motors gaining more confidence in China
President Obama's plan to cut trillions more from deficit; Emerging countries are developing 'western' diseases; TV music at bargain prices
Actual consumer sentiment difficult to measure; Reports: UBS rogue trader dealt with exchange-traded funds; Shopping around for title insurance
U.S. and Europe must work together to spur growth; Foreclosure numbers rose in August; The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, three years later
Big Three labor talks heat up under deadline pressure
NBA could miss pivotal moment with a lockout; Can Bank of America's CEO salvage the company?
Economist: We haven't seen a situation like this since WWII; With Greece in trouble yet again, the euro loses value
Persistently high unemployment has its reasons; Muslim charitable giving shifted to domestic causes after 9/11
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