APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

G-20 seeks to end currency war; AIG to sell Asian insurance business to pay back bailout; Taylor Swift masters social media marketing
More mechanical problems for Toyota, 1.5 million cars recalled; Coal plants are making Chicago citizens sick, says report; Europe takes on budget deficits
China's central bank raises interest rates; Gov't probes foreclosure problems; NFL takes action against dangerous hits
Foreclosure mess helps home builders?; Calculating the costs of flight delays; Are electric car subsidies a good idea?
U.S. probes China's clean-tech policies; A preview of Apple's 4Q earnings; Two years after leaving Wall Street
A settlement in the Countrywide case?; Start-up investing slow to come back; Philly businesses hope for playoff profit
Private equity firms eyeing Yahoo; Going inside The Business Council; Men's hats stage a comeback in U.K.
Oil companies adjust to new landscape; EPA to OK more ethanol in gasoline; Paying... to pay your bills
Google to fund wind power project; Program helps patients who skip pills; Maryland voters consider mall casino
How is the phone book still surviving?; Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7
Central banks help push up gold prices; Recession slows migration to U.S., EU; 4th most populous country by 2050?
Why firms are not using profits to hire; Late gov't payments hurt nonprofits; Unemployment: Cyclical or structural?
Signs that spending may be picking up; Stepping inside Microsoft's retail stores; Rail tunnel between NY, NJ in jeopardy
The environmental costs of big firms; Geoengineering: A way to cool earth; Summit focuses on community colleges
Iraq reports an increase in oil reserves; Businesses react to health care reform; Reinventing Lincoln a hard sell for Ford
A good grade for the stimulus package; A thaw in the struggling retail industry?; Enterprise offers taste of Nissan's Leaf
Is the postal service going broke?; Stuyvesant: A real estate bellwether?; How is Basel III going over so far?
Fed, Treasury consider AIG exit plan; Amtrak rolls out high-speed rail plan
Report: Few women in management; Will taxpayers get AIG money back?; U.K. gets big on cheese
What's next for Schwarzenegger?; Local labs get priority in Gulf spill study; Obama to sign bill to help small biz
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