APM: Marketplace Morning Report – First Cast: Episodes

Europeans hash out bailout deal for Portugal; County registers contend mortgage industry skipped out on fees
Web, web, wherefore art thou in a government shutdown?; The debt ceiling explained; Disney to break ground on Shanghai theme park
Fed to get offers for AIG mortgage bonds; Are smartphones the credit cards of the future?
Arne Duncan on the future of education in the U.S.; Downgrade for Portugal debt threatens investments; Fiscal year 2011 budget tussle continues
Some lawmakers push budget amendments to clip EPA power; Andrew Sullivan moves to The Daily Beast
France's new measure of well-being: Boredom; GOP to examine AARP's insurance sales; What to look for with the March jobs report
How financial reform changes the mortgage game; Top exec Sokol resigns from Berkshire Hathaway; Tracking reactions to ads via webcam
Banks, lawmakers tussle over Dodd-Frank regulations
Banks get living wills; The commercialization of princess culture
More states could cut down jobless benefits; Lower gas taxes lure drivers to Mo.
Federal Reserve opens up -- a bit; Once-troubled lender CIT returns to the market; Can Southwest learn anything from AirTran?
Japan quake to affect manufacturing industry; The positive side of the AT&T-T-Mobile; merger; Another domino in the European debt crisis?
Marketplace Morning Report - First Edition for March 23, 2011
Auto workers want to share Detroit's new wealth; Health care law turns one; Obama pledges to boost South American trade, exports
Japan's nuclear problems mean more fossil fuels for now; Debating health care policies for undocumented immigrants
Nuclear regulation needs improvement; Obama heads to Latin America
Japan quake hammers U.S. companies; Japanese yen hits record high against U.S. dollar; Why some gas is cheaper than others
U.S. auto plants affected by Japan quake; Sen. Conrad on challenges ahead for the U.S. budget; Moody's cuts Portugal's debt rating
Japan escalates evacuation efforts after explosions at nuclear plant; Undersea cables damaged after Japanese quake; Higher gas prices create political pressure
Toiling over the reparations from the BP oil spill; Bank of Japan adds $183 billion to economy
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