APM: Composers Datebook: Episodes

Tchaikovsky and North endure unkind cuts
"Four Weddings and a Funeral" by Clarke and Wagner?
Massenet (and Laurie Anderson)
New York City "firsts" of Rossini and Cole Porter
Rachmaninoff and Hanson get romantic
Spacey music by Strauss and Ligeti
A pre-premiere premiere by John Corigliano
Tailor-made music by Walter Piston
Rags by two Scotts (Joplin and Kirby)
Colorful music by Sciabin and Torke
Rehearsing Monteverdi and Reich
Mahler's First in Budapest and New York
Buda and Pest feted in music by Bartok and Kodaly
'Toon-ful music by Carl Stalling
Tchaikovsky's doubts and Stravinsky's toothache
Kern's "Showboat" is launched in D.C.
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