60 Second Licks: Innovative Blues Guitar Pentatonic Patterns using Fretboard Animations

'SSL Blues A Shape 1 of 5' and 'SSL Blues The ABDE Practice Module' hit the spot so go there. As mentioned in various episodes: guitar teacher or experienced performer 'not'. In that context, 60 Second Licks are blues guitar lessons; innovative support for one or more people with guitar in hand facing a phone, pod, pad, Mac, PC or TV jamming blues pentatonic patterns. iPod (m4a) animations and 16x9 (m4v) movies may contain added technical info (hertz, notation etc) but the main objective is to have a good time with notes and patterns on the fretboard. Lightweight (mp4) replicas provide fast food on the run. (Created with JR Productions' 'Timer Utility'; Miro Video Converter; Apple®'s Pages® and Garageband®; BeLight Software®'s 'Art Text'; and, an Apogee® Jam … plus good ol' FileMaker Pro®).

Categories: Arts  |  Education  |  Performing Arts
Inactive  |  Unknown min. |   May 02, 2013 at 01:25 PM74 Episode(s)
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