12 Steps for ADD

The Twelve Step program is a non-medical way to grow beyond the problems related to ADD/adhd. The symptoms are medical not moral. Survival skills are attempts to control life. The 12 steps give us ability to see and grow beyond these harmful problems that are beyond our ability to understand or even see. But honesty gives us eyes to see ourselves. Once we’re in proper relationship to the truth, we can accept ourselves. With our Higher Power's help we get honest about our condition.

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- Feb. 03, 2010
ADDers experience ineffective neuro-transmissions in the brain's prefrontal cortex. That's an area of the brain that provides our behavioral inhibition system and executive functions. So under stress or in a bad fit, we ADDers lose the ability to wait, inhibit behavior, and consider our actions. The more stress we face the harder it becomes to delay responses to our environment, prevent the urge to escape, curb unproductive or dangerous behavior, and protect concentration for mental focus. We also face losses with our working memory, sense of time, planning, self-control, self-evaluation, internal structure/organization, verbal thought, motivation, some fine motor skills, even the ability to learn from our mistakes. But don't despair. The 12 steps provide a power help to transform our lives, relationships, behaviors, repeated failures, moods, emotional sobriety, and just about every area of our lives. Really! As others have learned (from alcoholics and overeater to addicts, debtors, compulsive-shoppers, and workaholics), the 12 steps give us the 1) simplicity, 2) spirituality, 3) structure, and 4) support we need. The 12 steps is not a religious program—it's a spiritual way of life. And our best definition for spirituality is "being in proper relationship to the truth."
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