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On this fourth funny episode, Gretchen and the Lukes investigate ‘The Beer Can Alarm’, ‘Busted for Break Dancing’, ‘USA: the Laziest Country?’ and feature a segment on the ‘Million Dollar Dildo’.
On this hilarious third podcast episode, Gretchen and Lukes investigate the ‘Walmart Hospital-Gown Guy’, contemplate ‘Public Chicken Love’ and try to understand how an ‘Amish Guy gets DUI.’
From ‘Po the cigarette smoking pit snake’ to ‘Big Kisses for Officer Sniffs-A-Lot’, this hilarious second podcast with Gretchen and the Lukes also includes a segment on ‘RoXXXy, the seven thousand dollar sex toy’. Join us professional Weirdos as we investigate the Weird News and dig deep ...
In their debut HotTalkLA podcast, Gretchen and the Lukes take on Basic Book Banning, Supermarket Assaults, Thieving Priests like Father Klepto and Asinine Adverts. Explore the weird news with these professional weirdos.
Can't even win a damn dog vacation.
Is Natalie REALLY a bad person?
Sun Chips going green gets Natalie MAD!
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