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Do you have a career?  So does Natalie and she's been hunting for apartments.  Landlords all over the SoCal area love to tell her what the people who could be living next to her in the new complex do for their careers.  Which is kinda strange.
Did you give blood at the Halloween Blood Drive?  Neither did any of us here at HotTalkLA.  That's why Natalie gives blood...to prove to the world that she's a good person...even though she's not.
Natalie's one true wish is to have a dance party right on the freeway.
Workplace Crackers with...bad idea.
Enough with these stupid-ass FB updates people!!
Natalie's sick and tired of being told about common diseases.
Wendy's fast food chain has the worst uniforms in the history of uniforms.  Why would anyone humiliate their employees like this at a hamburger chain?
Natalie doesn't think it's too cool to share your dreams of tragedy befalling other people with those very same people.
Natalie has had it with the slow walkers.  No, not the walking dead.  She's talking about those slow walking people who keep her from getting to places quickly so she can do what she needs to do when she needs to do them.
The rash of sperm donor movies that Hollywood has splooged out recently gets Natalie thinking about creating an Oscar worthy "Egg" movie.
Natalie tests her new audio set-up so she can see if her sweet, sweet voice will tickle your eardrums the right way when she returns in full force with brand new rants in 113 Seconds with Natalie, Season 2.0 ... coming very, very soon from Natalie DeJohn and HotTalkLA.com, the online talk station!
Much to her chagrin, Natalie discovers that Kids meals aren't as "happy" as they used to be.
Natalie finds Batman's mask in the streets of Van Nuys and deduces an evil French conspiracy behind it.
Seeing the wrong faces in the morning can really "F" up your day.  Plus:  Special Bonus Photo of John McCain!
The strange and demented synapses in Natalie's brain lead her into some odd thought patterns.
Natalie comes to terms with her addiction to procrastinating.
Shopping to eat healthy at Whole Foods makes Natalie feel like an outcast.
Natalie reviews the rant ideas given to her by friends and family.
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The thrilling tale of Mr. Boston.
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