-Rumor Girls (iPod/iPod nano/iPod touch/iPhone video)

Video Podcast iPod/iPhone - Girls are you in the mood for a rumor? Hey guys, want to know what ladies really want? A sexy sister duo tells all about their lives, love and the skinny on just about anyone and everyone on their video podcast. Surprise guests are lined up so if you are a girl who wants the scoop, join in. If you are a guy who likes to watch, this is the show for you. You may think it's a rumor...but we are going to reveal all! Download our shows and check them out on your shiny Video iPod! www.rumorgirls.com

Categories: Relationships  |  Podcasting  |  Money
Inactive  |  10 min. |   Mar 22, 2011 at 02:07 PM162 Episode(s)
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