Israelisms: Episodes

<p><strong>Technical Difficulties</strong></p>
<p>Sorry about the late post.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>Dog Days of Summer</strong></p>
<p>Weather? What weather?</p>
<p>Ir HaBira or Jerusalem Beer Festival!</p>
<p>We're #22! We're #22!</p>
<p>Are you facebook stupid?</p>
<p>And of course Benji comes AFTER the show is over!</p>
<p>Don't forget kindle mania! Donate please!</p>
<p><strong>A Kindle In The Wind</strong></p>
<p>Step into The Lion's Den, the one on Yoel Salomon Street in Jerusalem!</p>
<p>Lebanon in 3 parts- the movie, rights for Palestinian refugees and Hezbollah using the Blame Israel card!</p>
<p>Rabbi:1 &nbsp;GoKarts:0</p>
<p>Lies and video tape, sorry no sex!</p>
<p>Who's ...
<p><strong>We're havin a heat wave!</strong></p>
<p>Dawson gets married! Is Joey jealous?</p>
<p>Old Navy are you ready?</p>
<p>If a tree is trimmed on the border does Hezbollah hear it?</p>
<p>ill Jordan condemn rocket fire now? Iran plays with it's marrionettes.</p>
<p>Did we mention how hot it is ...
<p><strong>The Kindle Kwest</strong></p>
<p>Breaking News: Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem caught in affair with a donkey! As usual, the Mayor of Jerusalem is unavailable for comment.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Would you like some mortars with your rocket? Grad rocket hits Ashkelon.</p>
<p>How do teachers fail a basic knowledge ...
<p><strong>Who's In Charge?</strong></p>
<p>We don't need no stinkin show notes!</p>
<p>From Emek Refaim to the Malka Mall people piss us off!</p>
<p>We talk about converting and we don't mean Uncle Ben's Converted Rice!</p>
<p>When is a new mall and a five star hotel part of a humanitarian crisis? When ...
<p><strong>Charley's List</strong></p>
<p>It's tool time with Charley!</p>
<p>How's the duty free at El Arish?</p>
<p>The fox is guarding the Haredi school hen house!</p>
<p>When is reading the Torah and praying something you should be ashamed of?</p>
<p>Will there be something Rotten in the State of ...
<p>#140 Conference Round Up- its just like being there!</p>
<p>Bibi's in the (white) house!</p>
<p>Does Hussein make you nervous?</p>
<p>Mutual respect in Sderot?&nbsp;</p>
<p>Free Gilad Shalit! Get the Hamas prisoners out of their air conditioned jail cells and ...
<p><strong>THE OSBOURNE'S</strong></p>
<p>Reality podcasting like you've never seen/heard it before!</p>
<p>Survey says voters are tired of the Haredi/Ultra Orthodox parties.</p>
<p>White nights in Tel Aviv!</p>
<p>Red Hot Chili Peppers!</p>
<p>The World Cup is holding up flotilla aid to Israel.</p>
<p>What ...
<p><strong>Read My Blog!</strong></p>
<p>It was a quiet week in Israel for a change. Mondial and French Toast bagels!</p>
<p>Who wants to know what Ahmadinejad had for breakfast?</p>
<p>Everything that Bibi did not speak about!</p>
<p>Gilad Shalit has spent 4 years at the mercy of Hamas. That's 3 years ...
<p><strong>Teach Your Children Well</strong></p>
<p>Elton John shows them how it's done!</p>
<p>Shas no longer for the Sepharidim.</p>
<p>110,000 Haredim protest in favor of segregation.</p>
<p>Where did Bibi go?</p>
<p>Where is the humanitarian aid for Gilad Shalit held captive by Hamas in Gaza for ...
<p>Thank God for the World Cup!</p>
<p>Yair Lapid needs to cool off!</p>
<p>When is a picture not worth a thousand words? When it's from Reuters!</p>
<p>The definition of don't ask, don't tell = Acting PM Moshe Ya'allon and The Gang of Seven!</p>
<p>The truth just ...
<p><strong>ROOT BEER FLOTILLA</strong></p>
<p>Presenting The Flotilla Choir singing "We Con the World" for your amusement!</p>
<p>What the heck really happened?</p>
<p>How did it happen?</p>
<p>Who is to blame and who is NOT to blame?</p>
<p>Where was Israel's Minister of Information while all of this ...
<p>ROTFLMAO! I forgot to post the show! Reason? Watched the finale of American Idol right after doing the show. Too busy celebrating Lee's win I guess. Brain FAIL!!</p>
<p><strong>I Used To Be Disgusted But Now I Try To Be Amused</strong></p>
<p>Can you have too many cheesecakes?</p>
<p>Elvis has left the building.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Chomsky- no laws against morons.</p>
<p>Abu Tir advertises for L'Oreal hair color! Don't hate him because he looks stupid!</p>
<p>A moderate ...
<p><strong>HAPPY JERUSALEM DAY!</strong></p>
<p>The Bar Rafaeli Affair and it's not with Leo!</p>
<p>My Two Dad's and An Intolerant Judge.</p>
<p>Who's afraid of the Haredim? The prosecutor's office for one.</p>
<p>What do Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and our MK's have in common? One stupid move from any of ...
<p><strong>SO YOU SAY YOU WANNA &nbsp;REVOLUTION</strong></p>
<p>Tell me again, why did we copy the British form of government?</p>
<p>Abbas and Bibi are a match made in bizzaro world heaven!</p>
<p>How do 2.6 kids support 6.9 kids? or What is it exactly we want from the Haredim?</p>
<p>The very relevant ...
<p><strong>WHO GIVES A TOSS?</strong></p>
<p>Do you take your coffee with Humus or black?</p>
<p>The miracle of the Maytag Washing machine!</p>
<p>Activists decide there is no free speech for Israeli's in the UK.</p>
<p>Israeli Arab MK's- What are they good for?-Absolutely nothing!</p>
<p>All we are ...
<p><strong>SAM I AM</strong></p>
<p>Samantha joins us from the north country.</p>
<p>We get buzzed or at least our house does by the IAF on Memorial Day!</p>
<p>Hey who let in the Reform Rabbi?!</p>
<p>Seal or a seal will be in Tel Aviv in July. Stay tuned to find out which!</p>
<p>The White House staff ...
<p><strong>HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!</strong></p>
<p>Sad Memorial Day...but Happy Independence Day!</p>
<p>Shopping in a Hangar</p>
<p>Ice skating in Eilat</p>
<p>Terrorist Blvd. in Ramallah</p>
<p>And when in doubt...blame Olmert. He probably did it.</p>
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