Podcast: Todd talks social media, online investigations

Canada-based podcasting service provider The Daily Splice recently started its own podcast: Law Enforcement 2.0, in which marketer Mike Waraich interviews individuals who are involved with encouraging police departments to “join the conversation” online.

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Cops 2.0: One year later

What I’ve found is, however, you folks are doing a great job of “consulting” from the inside, all by yourselves. You’re taking what you read here and at ConnectedCOPS, at Police Blog 2.0 and the Crime Map and DailySplice.com, and putting it in front of chiefs and captains and public information officers.

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New Law Enforcement 2.0 Podcast

Mike Waraich, manager of the Law Enforcement 2.0 LinkedIn group, has recently started a new podcast focused on the use of social media and web 2.0 technology in law enforcement. The penetration of web 2.0 tools and social media in law enforcement extends from community policing and outreach to recruitment, management, communication, and more. And use of these technologies in law enforcement is growing rapidly across the country.

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Writing not for you? Try podcasting

Not everyone is a writer. I get that. No, really, I understand. Although I think best when I’m writing, many days the words don’t come easily. Even when I’m simply transcribing someone else’s words from aninterview. It takes time to capture context, whether it’s the jumble of your own thoughts, or something that came out of a dynamic conversation.

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Supporting Student Exellence: Rian Bowden and Lewis Sobotkiewicz pitch their new business, DailySplice.

UVic’s academic programs, research projects and support services are constantly evolving in response to our rapidly changing world. Sensitive to social, political, technological and environmental change in our society, we constantly examine our programs and practices to ensure our students are challenged and engaged, so they develop a desire and capacity for learning and societal contribution that will last a lifetime.

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DailySplice: social media vocalized

Victoria’s DailySplice has rolled out a new pricing structure for its podcast service. As co-founder Rian Bowden explained, DailySplice now lets users choose from a menu of service options: try it out for free, or sign up for packages ranging in price from $9 to $99 per month. In addition, DailySplice continues to offer its original “unlimited” plan.

Interview with Rian Bowden from Daily Splice - Communication Leadership

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with Rian Bowden, co-founder of Daily Splice, to discuss his company and ask about emergency communication.

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Dailysplice Helps Emergency Responders Podcast Real Time! - Mike’s Social Media Blog

A company that is in the podcasting forefront providing a very cool social media tool to emergency responders (to include fire and police officers) is the Dailysplice.

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Times Columnist: Local high-tech sector weathering the storm

In sync with the global economic downturn, dark clouds have rumbled over most of this region’s economic drivers, but one industry believes it may just be creeping out from under the shadows.

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New Media Gets a New Player - UVic Business Magazine

Although he’s not chumming around with Bill Gates or the boys from Google, 28-year-old Rian Bowden seems well on his way to becoming a baron of the social media.

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