Hiring - Senior Executive

Position: Senior Executive
Type: Full Time
Company: DailySplice.com
Location: Victoria (downtown)
Closing: March 17, 2010

Company Overview

DailySplice.com provides word-class podcasting applications to a variety of different types of organizations including emergency services, universities, and ecommerce companies. The company is run by a small team, and is in the early stages of market growth, with a many exciting opportunities for larger and partnerships.

Position overview:

We’re looking for someone with hands on sales experience and a good track record of success with closing deals with larger clients and distribution partners. You will have a deep understanding and experience in sales operations, and will be good at introducing new ideas to organizations and following up. You will also have good business sense, and will be willing to work with the founders to help guide general business development.

Your primary responsibility will be to quickly evaluate opportunities and focus on a select few key sales leads or partnership opportunities. Your focus will be in Victoria and Vancouver, but will quickly expand elsewhere in North America. You will also assist with general product messaging on the website and in with the development of other marketing and sales materials.
The atmosphere is very entrepreneurial, and you will be working very closely with the founders every day. We are hardworking, and very passionate and committed to bringing our leading edge technology to mass markets.

Ideal Qualities:
- Entrepreneurial with a proven track record with early marketization of new technology
- Exceptional leadership traits
- Hands-on, collaborative, and excellent work ethic
- Accomplished verbal and written communicator
- Thrives in a startup environment
- Experience putting together strategic alliances / partnerships
- Solid understanding and enthusiastic with internet technologies
- Long-term vision and dedication
- Strategic decision maker with a commitment to performance tracking and optimization
- Experience with forecasting, budgeting, and reporting


Salary, commission, and options.

Response Information:

Please respond to info@dailysplice.com or call Rian Bowden at 250-954-2312. You should be prepared to provide references from your past 2 jobs or related projects. We will also ask you to provide examples of past success stories related to the various qualities outlined above.

Law Enforcement 2.0 Podcast - Social Media @Large

A while ago, I was talking to someone about what we do at DailySplice. I explained what podcasting is, how our podcasting service was unique compared to others, and how I’m surprised more people or businesses do not use the technology. The person was impressed with what we do, and then she fittingly (but unexpectedly) asked “how can I listen to your podcast?”

I did not know how to answer this question without feeling a little embarrassed. We, of course, did not have a podcast.

How can a social media company on the forefront of podcasting technology not have its own podcast, or use its own service? Well that was case with DailySplice for a quite a lengthy period of time. But now we’re back, and we have podcast like nothing else you’ve heard! I have created a podcast about Law Enforcement 2.0, called “Social Media @Large.”

This podcast is about social media’s role in police services and public safety. It covers Law Enforcement 2.0 much like my blog posts on the DailySplice blog, and like the Law Enforcement 2.0 group on LinkedIn whose popularity actually spawned the idea and creation of this podcast.  But the difference is that it’s a podcast! It is downloaded audio that users can subscribe and listen to at their own convenience, and it provides a personal touch lacking in other social media tools. Now we really are “Social Media Vocalized.” Or should I say “Social Media - @Large – Vocalized.”

Play Social Media @Large

Or save the RSS Feed: http://feed.dailysplice.com/us/436037/rss

So far, there are only two episodes released. I expect to release another one by Friday, and then at least one for every week thereafter. However, expect much more contribution than that as I have contacted some of the industry’s top thought-leaders and many have agreed to contribute episodes as well!

Inaugural Episode

In this episode I cover the “what, when, where and why’s” of the podcast. It is an inaugural episode that summarizes everything the podcast will be about, and gives listeners an introduction to law enforcement 2.0 with some resources to check out. This is aimed for everyone who is interested in law enforcement 2.0, and also those totally new to the subject looking to join the “conversation.” In addition, I provide a brief summary of myself, and let everyone know about other contributors that will be participating in the podcast as well.

Discussion with Lauri Stevens and Christa M. Miller

I sit down with Lauri Stevens and Christa M. Miller and talk a little Law Enforcement 2.0, as well as give them a chance to introduce themselves, explain what they do, and how they got involved in law enforcement 2.0. A big thanks to Lauri and Christa for agreeing to be contributors to the podcast, although it didn’t take much convincing as they seemed to be quite excited about the idea. In addition to introducing both Lauri and Christa, we delve into a few issues in Law Enforcement 2.0 – including government agency use of social media (FBI use it, CIA have invested in monitoring it, Marines have banned it), and  we also discuss law enforcement use of social media for investigative purposes and the potential legal and ethical issues behind it.

I will continue to blog about every episode I post - just a brief summary of the podcast episode, as well as a promotion tool to attract listeners. Also, it may help some listeners pick and choose which episodes they want to listen to. I am very excited to have started this podcast! The subject is new and engaging, and looks like I have a lot of support from some of the industry’s top thought-leaders, who have also agreed to be contributors!

Please forgive me if I sound a little nervous in the first few episodes, as this is my first time podcasting. The information is great and the discussions are valuable, and despite some early jitters I am loving it so far!

Social Media for Emergency and Disaster Management: A Crash Course

New social media is bringing people and communities together faster than any communication medium in history. Although, many citizens are tied into social media, those who serve and protect our communities (police departments, fire and rescue, etc..) have been reluctant to implement the technology. Whether it is due a lack of knowledge on the subject, a negative perception of social media as a whole, or just because they don’t know where to get started, social media has progressed slowly in the emergency services industry. We hope to change this!

DailySplice will be sponsoring an upcoming webinar to educate first responder agencies on new social media. It will detail the aspects of new social media and the value and benefits associated with integrating it into an effective communications strategy.

Social Media for Emergency and Disaster Management: A Crash Course
Wednesday August 19, 2009
1:00 - 1:30 PM Pacific Time (4:00 – 4:30 PM Eastern Time)
Chris Burge – President, of BWest Interactive

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

This webinar is a part of our overall initiative to educate and inform public safety authorities on new social media.  As we continue our campaign we will regularly update our blog to keep followers up to date. This an exciting project for us, and we hope we can make a difference!

If you know anyone else who would be interested in this topic, kindly forward the registration link to them.

DailySplice new Site and Splice Stations Launch Today

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we posted in this category… but today you get to see what’s been keeping us busy all summer. We have a new site and something called “Splice Stations” that lets you aggregate multiple podcasts into one player. We’ve also been working on a lot of podcast strategies with some of the local organizations in Victoria. Here’s a link to our press release today about it all… including our dealing with the Saanich Police department…

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Hello DailySplice users,

We took down our forum a while ago, and have since got some questions about where people can post general comments. I’m not sure how much interest there is, but I thought I’d just make a post here on the blog and if people wanted to leave a general comment they can do so here. Eventually we’ll put the forum back up when there is enough interest, but for now either here or email is best. Thanks!

DailySplice now in Beta!

Hey we’re switching logo from “alpha” to “beta” today… This means you can cruise around the site more freely and without an account, and you can yell at us when you find bugs! We’ll do our best to work out the kinks while we develop new features. Have fun.

PS. Here’s our press release

Daily Podcasts Should Be in Your Routine

DailySplice Logo

Hey, thanks for stopping by the DailySplice blog! This is the blog to go along with our podcasting website DailySplice. I’m Rian, and I just want to kick things off by talking a bit about what kinds of mischief we’re up to with DailySplice.

In short, we want to change the way you think about audio podcasts. Let me explain…

You probably don’t think of podcasts as something that is meant to be a part of your daily routine. Research companies usually regard you as a “regular podcast listener” if you listen once per week. If you listen to podcasts, you probably think one of the reasons they’re cool is because they’re “on demand.” The idea of using podcasts in your routine may even seem counter intuitive. But podcasts will never be mainstream until we can change the meaning of a “regular podcast listener” into someone who listens as a part of their daily routine.

The podcasting industry made 165 million in 2007, while the radio industry raked in 20.1 billion. 77% of Americans over 12 are exposed to radio on a daily basis. Almost everyone has some kind of daily routine, and it’s so easy to tune into radio that a lot of people end up including radio in that routine.

Podcasts need to replace radio. They’re time-shiftable, there’s more content to choose from, they’re more targeted, easier to track for advertisers, and these days you’ve probably got your own device capable of playing them within reach 24 hours a day.

So why don’t you listen to podcasts everyday? Instead of setting your morning alarm to the radio, you should just find some good podcasts, subscribe to them, get up a bit earlier every morning and download your new podcasts, sync them up with iPod, choose which ones you want to listen to that day, and every once in a while find a few more good ones and delete the boring ones.

Sounds Fantastic eh? But surprisingly, the majority of people would rather just listen the quirky morning DJs prank call Buck’s Auto Garage every morning then put in the extra effort.

Podcast’s lack the accessibility, organization, and predictability that radio has. Without these, podcasts will never become a suitable part of your routine, regardless of how great the content is. But what if we could make it as easy to find, subscribe, and sync up good podcasts as it is to tune into a radio show? What if we could organize the entire global podcast community into one central network that produced as much or more quality content then all the radio stations combined? What if, just as you can always be assured the radio DJs will be at work every morning, you could be assured that the perfect amount of high quality and relevant podcast content would be delivered to your mp3 player every day?

Over the next little while, DailySplice will be introducing a number of podcast tools that will eventually make all these things and more a reality. Our mission is to make it easier to use podcasts in your routine than it is to listen to the radio. A lofty goal, but if you’ve got a beta account you may already be seeing how this can be possible with the tools we’re building.

If you don’t have a beta account, we’ve still got a free a podcasts directory for you to use. It’s a work in progress, but we’re releasing it now because we want you to help us. We want you to submit podcasts, rate them, tag them, discuss them, and tell us what else we need to do to make it easier for others to find them.

You’ll notice something in our directory that you won’t find anywhere else: publishing schedule information. You can see what days of the week a podcast is typically published, what time it usually comes out, and how long it is. This is going to be important for our vision because we want a podcast’s publication schedule to influence how you choose podcasts. We hope we can start building some standards in the industry so that podcasters make podcasts that are more suitable for your routine.

Of course we’ve also got some features on the site to help you start connecting with friends. Your friends can help you find podcasts and help us recommend your own top podcasts. Once you’ve set up a username and password, go to the Share section to start building a profile and networking.

So welcome to DailySplice, we look forward to putting podcasts into your daily routine!