Mike Vallez - Policeman Turned Social Media Guy Brings His Passions Together.

In the realm of new social media and law enforcement what makes a person a thought leader? Is it an officer who totally understands social media, or is it a social media expert who done extensive work in the law enforcement industry? On a rare occasion you will find someone who falls into the category of social media expert and sworn police officer. Mike Vallez is such a case.

Although, Vallez doesn’t refer to himself a social media expert, stating he was “not active in the web’s social media” until February 2009, he is now fully immersed “in the conversation.” Vallez is webmaster for Altegrity.com, focusing on social media. He is also a former police officer for the City of Tampa, Florida, as well as a former Federal Contract Investigator with USIS. Vallez’s current expertise and past experience has given him the perfect tools to create michaelvallez.com, a social media blog for law enforcement. The blog covers a variety of articles related to the application of social media in law enforcement agencies, and it’s Vallez’s unique perspective and understanding of issues that makes people want to read his opinion. His blog posts are informative and insightful, and it’s easy to see that Vallez truly “gets it.” He remains true his roots as a police officer, while encouraging social media strategies for law enforcement because he “feels that in the not too distant future social media will be an established early warning system for hazardous incidents, crime, etc throughout the world.”

I recommend reading: Leveraging Social Media As A Modern Day Reverse 911 Early Warning System, or Marines Ban Social Media, But Can They!

Vallez is on top of the “Law Enforcement 2.0″ subject, and I look forward to using his website as an important resource in the future!

In addtion to working for Altegrity, Vallez is the founder of a website called www.crazymikesapps.com (CMA). CMA is an iPhone app review blog that has become one of the top iPhone informational websites around.

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