A Place to Learn and Discuss the Role of Social Media in Police: Law Enforcement 2.0

law enforcement 2.0

About a month ago I started a group on LinkedIn called Law Enforcement 2.0. This group was created to facilitate ideas and discussion on the topic of social media and its role the in law enforcement industry. The purpose of this blog post is not to promote my group for personal gains, but to further inform you on quality resources available for social media and police online. Law enforcement 2.0, in my opinion, just happens to be one of those resources.

The subject of Law Enforcement 2.0 is still in its infant stages and there are not too many great resources out there, except of course, some of the websites I have covered in my past blog posts. For this reason, I created Law Enforcement 2.0 - a place where thought-leaders, police officials, others in the industry could come and discuss all issues pertinent to policing and new social media, or just learn more about the subject. The results have been better than expected. The feedback and participation has been great, and the resulting discussions quite intriguing. Along with the uniqueness of this niche group, some of the success can be attributed to the business-oriented platform of LinkedIn and the professional caliber of those who have joined the group.

The group has attracted people from all facets of the social media and law enforcement sectors. Group members include industry thought leaders, social media experts, communications professionals, police officers, and other law enforcement officials. Any one discussion may include view points from each of these cohorts. The diversity of opinion and perspective is what has made the discussions so engaging.

Discussions so far have been very insightful and thought-provoking. From educational posts that give examples on “the best ways police/ emergency services use social media,” to current event updates like “September is national preparedness month,” to opinion pieces like “what do police want from social media?” – the group discussions create value for its members. One my recent discussion posts that I think will pick up momentum very soon is covers law enforcement 2.0 and the legal aspects behind it. Police must uphold a certain ethical and legal standard when sharing information with the media, and extending this into the social media conversation will no doubt make for some interesting discussions in the near future.

As the subject of social media and law enforcement continues to expand and gain prevalence this group will continue to grow as well. I look forward to watching the group grow and become a leading platform for all discussions pertaining to policing and web 2.0 technologies. I encourage anyone interested in the subject to join the group and contribute any feedback or ideas you think members will find valuable, or just check it out if you want to learn more.

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